Orange 1986 Denmark Home Jersey

What qualities should a great jersey have? (Sorry, the answer isn’t simple. It’s not enough to say “I don’t like Norwich’s 1992-94 jersey” anyway.)

Is the greatness of the jersey from its appearance? Or the shirt has been worn someone famous? Or is it a team that once won it? Or did it ever make you laugh? Or is it moving you? In all fairness, these factors, as well as some other factors not mentioned above, may make a jersey a great one. Evaluation of a jersey is, after all, a very subjective matter, and it is not easy to do well. But then again, we can reach a fairly broad consensus on the evaluation criteria.

Neal Heard put forward in his “The Football Shirts Book” that the reason why people love a jersey is not limited to its exquisite design. “I find that this is more about some of the memories that people share,” he wrote. “I am delighted by the fact that when you go out wearing a jersey, someone will always stop you and ask you if that has already been asked. Rotten question: Where did you buy it?”

Yes, that’s the point. The following are some of the good selections of good jerseys that Neil talks about in the book. This site has a special name for them. Please let the readers enjoy it.

Most of the Nordic marauders who wore this jersey to the Mexico World Cup also took part in the European Cup in 1992 and succeeded in an unexpected and magnificent manner. Its manufacturer is the Hornet in Aarhus. The combination of its domineering V-shaped pattern and the vertical fine stripes without lack of gentlemanliness can be said to complement each other.

This well-known 1986 home football shirt has won great reputation at the Euro 88 qualification campaign. Taking orange as the base color, the retrospective orange 1986 home football shirt is also decorated with some blue accents. Some obvious characters of the retrospective Denmark football shirt are as follows:

V-shaped neckline

Blue stripes along the collar

Well-arranged orange stripes on two sleeves

Vertical orange stripes on front and back

Blue “hummel” on right chest

Lighter Denmark crest on left chest

The classic 1986 Denmark home jersey is predominately orange, leaving a dynamic impression to all people. Adidas announced the Denmark home jersey for the 2014 season. The new football shirts inherit the glorious tradition of the country’s football. Denmark’s home jersey is based on red. The front of the jersey is specially designed with horizontal fine lines and texture. The Adidas is on the left chest. The logo and the Danish emblem on the right are accompanied by pure white, and both sides of the grapefruit have Adidas ‘s triumvirate three-stripes. The difference in color shows a cross pattern that mimics the Danish flag. The Danish national team’s home shorts in the new season are still dominated by white, and the sides and trousers of the trousers are matched with the red in the tops of the shirts to maintain the overall visual coordination.

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